Green waste from Rijnmond region

zuid holland

Client:                              The municipalities of Maassluis,
                                          Vlaardingen, Brielle, Hellevoetsluis,
                                          Nissewaard, Capelle aan den IJssel,
                                          Barendrecht and Westvoorne.
Implementation period:  2016-2018

Led by the municipality of Westvoorne, the various municipalities in the Rijnmond region have started working together to have their green waste processed by a green waste processor. The municipalities are Maassluis, Vlaardingen, Brielle, Hellevoetsluis, Nissewaard, Capelle aan den IJssel, Barendrecht, and Westvoorne. DEN OUDEN GROEP was granted this project by centrally locating its collection depot. This was achieved by concluding a partnership with SUEZ in the Waalhaven-Rotterdam.
This unburdens the municipalities because there is no need for them to pre-sort and they can leave this to DEN OUDEN GROEP. The total volume of green waste is approximately 14,000 tonnes. DEN OUDEN GROEP also delivers substrates and soil improvers to the municipality of Rotterdam. This means the green waste of the Rijnmond municipalities is partially recycled as landscape substrate, tree ground or tree soil.