Delivery of landscape substrates to Rotterdam

Bodemverbeteraars voor Gemeente Rotterdam

Client:                             municipality of Rotterdam
Implementation period: 2017-2019

DEN OUDEN GROEP supplies various types of soil improvers to the municipality of Rotterdam to ensure that nearly 600,000 trees and other greenery facilities remain in top shape.

Trees in Rotterdam are often planted in the middle of an urban area under non-ideal conditions, such as hardening, on roofs of parking garages, and in roof parks. These trees have little underground growth space. In order to keep these trees and greenery in top shape, it is necessary to fill the tree or plant holes, lawns, and flower boxes with soil that is composed according to the right specifications. A good and stable product is very important for the medium term and the further future of the trees that need to grow in it. By applying high-quality soil improvers and substrates, Rotterdam ensures healthier and better quality trees and plants, and thus a healthier living environment for its citizens.

This involves over 20,000 tonnes/year of tree sand, tree soil, tree granules and flower box substrate. All produced under the RAG-certificate.
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor gemeente rotterdam