Den Ouden supplies compost lawn to PSV

den ouden truck met psv logo

Den Ouden has supplied compost lawn to sports centre de Herdgang in Eindhoven. De Herdgang, which is the PSV sports centre, is on the edge of Eindhoven, in a wooded area. The compost lawn is used to maintain the sports fields.

De Herdgang

The centre has a number of football fields, consisting of grass or artificial grass. Not only is this centre the training location of the PSV selection, but also the home base of the PSV youth teams and amateur teams.

 Compost lawn

Compost lawn is stable, very thin compost, which is produced at our RHP-location, meeting the highest standards. Thanks to good ripening, the compost has a pleasant wood fragrance and makes nutrients available for the lawn. Compost lawn has a lightly alkaline function, due to which the moss’ environment becomes less favourable. In addition, soil life will be stimulated, reducing thatches.

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