Den Ouden starts collecting green waste flows for municipality of Maastricht


Client:                                   Municipality of Maastricht and Rd4
Implementation period:   late 2016

Together with Afvalzorg, Attero, and L’Ortye, Den Ouden has been collecting the waste flows from the municipality of Maastricht since late 2016.

With approximately 120,000 residents, Maastricht is one of the larger cities in the Netherlands. The municipality of Maastricht operates four environmental parks for the joint scheme of Milieuparken Geul & Maas. Under this joint scheme, the municipalities of Maastricht, Valkenburg aan de Geul, and Meerssen have distributed the management and operation across four environmental parks. Separated household waste is housed in these environmental parks. The parks are located in the municipalities of Maastricht and Valkenburg aan de Geul. Cleaning services Rd4 manages the environmental parks in surrounding municipalities, such as Kerkrade, Simpelveld, and Brunssum. 

Green waste flow collection
These different organisations have the same waste flows and in the context of further cooperation between government organisations in South Limburg, their waste flows are jointly tendered. Market parties can thus offer their services more optimally per waste flow.

The waste flows collected by Den Ouden are:

  • Garden waste: 13,250 tonnes;
  • Green waste, 1,650 tonnes;
  • Wood chips, 709 tonnes.