Soil improvement for chrysanthemum cultivation – Bruchem

kas tuinbouw

Client:                              Janity Flowers B.V. 
Implementation period:  2017

DEN OUDEN GROEP has provided 1000 m3 of Sylvester tree bark for chrysanthemum nursery Janity Flowers B.V. Janity Flowers took care of the transport themselves and used a self-designed car to counteract soil densification as much as possible. The tree bark was then slightly milled in the top later. The tree bark is perfectly suited for preventing compaction and rooting is being stimulated because of the open structure that is created in the ground. 

By first carrying out several trials with different products in big-bags, ranging from fine to coarse, the joint choice for Silvester Tree Bark Fraction 10-25 was made.

Janity Flowers B.V. is a year-round chrysanthemum nursery founded in 1986. In 2005, the nursery moved to Bruchem, where a completely new 48,000 m² company was constructed that is still the most modern one in the Netherlands.