Soil improvers for the Oosterpark - Amsterdam

storten zand

Client:                              municipality of Amsterdam
Implementation period:  2015

DEN OUDEN GROEP is the supplier of several specific soil improvers that we have in standardised production. In the case of Oosterpark, a number of products are not standard products, but we can offer a customised product in accordance with the specifications. Through a laboratory analysis, we showed that the product is composed exactly as the municipality of Amsterdam had envisioned it. This way, under BRL 9335-4, we can always offer a tailormade product in any field.

The park is situated slightly lower than the surrounding districts, which means it has to process a lot of water. Moreover, the subsoil is fairly unstable because it is on top of peatland. The result is that the park literally washes away and continues to sink. With soil improvement, the soil rises and the park will stabilise.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor gemeente amsterdam