Realisation of 30.000m² public space Ligne - Sittard

Sittart de ligne den ouden

Client:                               municipality of Sittard 
Implementation period:   2015-2017

The construction of the new public space ‘Ligne’ (30,000 m2) has the goal of realising a new multifunctional area. The work consisted of a large number of sustainable applications. The challenging work included the redevelopment of hardenings, sewage work, removing concrete cylinders, applying quay walls, applying bridges, drainage work, archaeological research, applying green facilities, applying street furniture, and applying a bypass for the Keutelbeek with a flow rate of 35 m³/sec!

This was the most complex and biggest project of DEN OUDEN GROEP to date. Many parties have had a hand in the work, such as the architect, water authority, and the municipality of Sittard itself. But the most important thing is… the client is very satisfied!