Redesign Kolpingbuurt 'as good as new' - Nijmegen

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Client: Municipality of Nijmegen
Implementation period: 2018 – 2019

The restructuring project 'Kolpingbuurt - as good as new' has been implemented in cooperation with the residents and the municipality. A project in which the current residential area is being demolished, the site is gradually being prepared for construction, new homes are being realised and the neighbourhood is being renovated.

Based on demand specification, we managed to make a definitive design for this project, as well as interface analyses with other construction flows and an all-encompassing implementation design. An important aspect of this project is the sequence of the construction work to be carried out, coordination with stakeholders, cable and pipe companies, and other building and green related companies within the scope of the project.

The sewer system for the first three phases has now been installed. Our partner T & G Terrein en Groenvoorziening has, for the most part, carried out the concrete paving involved in these phases. Last week we started with the sewer system included in the 4th phase.