Developing Market and Burgemeester Verstraatenlaan in Mill

tekening mill
tekening mill


The work to be carried out is at the market and Burgemeester Verstraatenlaan in the municipality of Mill and Sint Hubert.


The project concerns the development of the Market and the Burgemeester Verstraatenlaan in Mill. This means sewage system construction, to which the houses to be built will be connected.


The main points are the following activities:

  • Breaking up roads and tarmac
  • Construction of infiltration sewage
  • Construction of wastewater sewage
  • Applying hardening.

Planning and Phasing

In week 51, a part of the sewage system will be laid near the construction site and a small part towards the market.

In the 1st week of January 2016, part of the sewage system is laid from the Schoolstraat. This will also be covered during that week, enabling the contractor to access the construction site via the entrance, from 11 January 2016. Subsequently, the rest of the sewage system is laid. We will ensure that the market is accessible at all times and we will not use more than one third of the car park at a time.

The activities are to be finished by the end of January 2016, provided that the weather allows us to.

Click here for the traffic plan Phase 1
Click here for the traffic plan Phase 2

Traffic control measures

During the implementation activities, road users will be confronted with temporary traffic control measures. The accessibility of the companies and residents is guaranteed.


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