Reconstruction town centre Geldermalsen


Reconstruction town centre Geldermalsen

The planned reconstruction of the centre of Geldermalsen did not only include a reconstruction of the main square, but also of the Rijksstraatweg (from the Kostverlorenkaden to the Emmalaan). The reconstruction of this road included a renovation of the sewerage.

The redevelopment and reconstruction covered many different areas:

  • The redevelopment of the Rijnstraat, Kostverlorenkade and Achter ’t Veer
  • Construction of a new roundabout at the Kostverlorenkade/Rijksstraatweg
  • Redevelopment of the Rijksstraatweg from the Kostverlorenkade to the junction Emmalaan
  • Reconstruction of the sewerage and drainage systems
  • Removal of the old traffic regulation installation and placing a new one on the junction with the Herman Kuijkstraat

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Planning and Phases

The construction works were started in June 2014 and had to be completed mid-April 2015. Due to extra construction work at the main square, the project was completed on 30 April. This means there was only a minor delay of nine days. Taking into account  the unforeseen construction works and the changing weather conditions, both Den Ouden Contracting Firm and the municipality of Geldermalsen are happy with this completion date.

During construction, road users were confronted with temporary traffic changes, such as diversions, speed limits and partial narrowing of roads or closures. Surrounding houses and shops were accessible to pedestrians throughout the construction period. 

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Click here to watch the removal of a pile of the Lingebrug (0:54)
Click here to watch the construction of the roundabout Kostverlorenkade (8:36)
Click here to watch the construction of the Rijksstraatweg (9:52)


For questions about this project, you can contact:

  • Project manager Mr. P. (Pascal) Brandts
  • Construction supervisor Mr. M. (Mark) Geraerts, tel. 06-10724756
  • Emergency number: 06-10724756

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If you have a complaint or something to report, please contact: