Roundabout Recreatieve Poort in Goirle

In 2015, the construction of the Roundabout Recreational Gate was carried out. The newly constructed roundabout was projected on the Turnhoutsebaan near the Gorps Baantje and the Nieuwkerksbaantje.

The four-month project was carried out to improve road safety and to open up the nature areas south of Goirle and Riel. The roundabout forces car drivers to reduce their speed at the location. That makes it a lot safer to cross for crossing traffic (cyclists and pedestrians).

Near the roundabout there are now parking spaces where visitors can exchange their car for bicycle or to go by foot into the surrounding nature. The roundabout now makes an important contribution to the touristic and recreational development of the beautiful nature scenery south of Goirle and Riel.

The project was started in March 2015 and was completed at the end of June 2015.