Redesign Steenbergen-Zuid, phase 1 - Steenbergen

referentie steenbergen

Client: Municipality of Steenbergen
Implementation period: July 2017 – March 2018

The district of Steenbergen-Zuid has been renewed. The project was divided into three phases. In 2017 work started on Steenbergen-Zuid phase 1: the area between the Anjerstraat and the Acacialaan. The work carried out was related to the realisation of the public space of Steenbergen-Zuid. Many different residential streets were part of the project area. The sewer system has been replaced and the residential area has been renovated. In addition to this, a carpark was expanded, adjacent of the former football field at Seringenlaan.

Because many residential streets were part of the project, environmental management was a very important part of the work carried out. Residents have been informed about the work to be carried out through resident letters.