Restructuring the core of Heide - Susteren

referentie susteren

Client: Municipality of Echt-Susteren

Den Ouden Aannemingsbedrijf BV has carried out various operations for the redesign of the Bosstraat, Rijdstraat, Tunnelweg and Broekweg in the core of Heide in Susteren.

The work has been carried out in phases. The method with regard to the construction of the sewer has been coordinated closely with the client and the residents due to the limited workspace available. In this way, accessibility has been optimised as much as possible while work is being carried out.

A DWA interim sewer has been installed. Prior starting work, the existing house and gully connections were carefully measured. Based on the data gathered, an installation and production plan has been drawn up, new connections have been fitted to the PE pipes at the factory and combined well pipes have been produced.

The project was prepared, executed and delivered as required within the set deadline.