Reconstruction/sewer replacement Heiligenbuurt in Weert


Client: municipality of Weert

Period: 2015-2016

The operations that are to be conducted are located in the Sint Paullusstraat, Sint Antoniusstraat and surroundings in the municipality of Weert. The sewerage system in the Heiligenbuurt area has been replaced by a system that includes infiltration sewers. The rain water conduits have been hooked off and the pavement has been substituted by new material. All this to give the neighbourhood a refreshed look, as well as functionality. Operations started at the end of October 2015 and have been completed in autumn 2016.

Operations mainly consisted of:

  • Clearance activities
  • Removal/placement of open and closed pavements
  • Removal/placement edging stones
  • Removal/placement sewers
  • Preparation of grounds, incl. partial decontamination
  • Greening activities
  • Removal/placement of public illumination
  • Pumping services

Why hook off rain water?

  • Less water ends up in the sewer, so flooding disturbances are reduced.
  • The quality of the water in ditches and ponds is maintained, because (emergency) drainage won’t dump dirty sewerage water any more.
  • By not mixing relatively clean water with waste water, we can ensure more efficient purification.
  • Efficient sewerage management, as only waste water needs to be hauled off.
  • Through the infiltration of rain water, desiccation of the soil is countered and the groundwater level restored.