Design and construction of unique cradle-to-cradle 'roundabout of tomorrow' - Venlo


Client:                                 municipality of Venlo
Implementation period:      2016 - 2017

The ‘Roundabout of Tomorrow’ is so unique because it is the first cradle-to-cradle roundabout in the Netherlands, and possibly in the entire world. But what is so unique about this roundabout, what makes it so sustainable and reusable? Firstly, we have moved away from asphalt
as the hardening structure of the roundabout and used concrete. Concrete has a longer lifespan and requires little maintenance. The type of concrete used by DEN OUDEN GROEP has very low CO2 emissions, namely about 70% less than normal. Thirty years from now, it is possible to remove each component separately and reuse it. This makes the roundabout cradle-to-cradle. Not just the roundabout is unique, but the form of cooperation was a bit different than usual as well. From the very beginning, DEN OUDEN GROEP, the municipality of Venlo, and Kragten were in open conversation with each other and with suppliers, subcontractors, Zuyd Hoogeschool, public utilities, and residents.The physical activities commenced on 6 June 2017, and the roundabout was ready for use at the end of August 2017.