Remediation for refurbishment of NRE site - Eindhoven

Refurbishment NRE site
Refurbishment NRE site

Client:                              municipality of Eindhoven
Implementation period:  2017

The NRE site, former industrial and port area near the city centre, is being redeveloped. Eleven special factory buildings, remnants of the former gas industry, form the basis for the historic character of the NRE site at the Nachtegaallaan in the centre of the municipality of Eindhoven.

The work involved the remediation and preparation (BRM) of the NRE site phase 2 through 4 in Eindhoven. The remediation consists of drainage and purifying contaminated groundwater and excavating and disposal of contaminated soil. According to experts who studied the contaminated soil under the former industrial site, there are no risks to public health during the remediation of the NRE site.