Bus rapid transit system

volans bushok
eindhoven op de kaart

In cooperation with the cityregion Eindhoven and surrounding municipalities, the municipality of Eindhoven is realising a viable alternative for the car. One of these projects is a second bus rapid transit (BRT) system, that will make public transport more attractive for commuters. Besides connecting important areas in and around Eindhoven, the BRT system will also have certain advantages for children and the elderly, such as free travel for children under the age of 12 and senior citizens over the age of 65, and easy access to the bus thanks to elevated bus stops.

Green in the City

Construction works and heavy traffic make the surrounding soil more compact, which does not make it the best place to grow trees. However, visitors and residents appreciate a green environment, and sometimes even demand it. Den Ouden can provide soil improvers that make it possible to grow trees in built up areas. Den Ouden brings the green back into the grey. A stable soil with sufficient room for roots and trees to grow is a guarantee for a long-lasting green environment.

Tree granules Porphyry and the BRT Eindhoven

Den Ouden sells different types of tree granules, such as Tree granules Grauwacke and Tree granules Porphyry. Both of these are types of very heavy riprap stones. The CBR value for Porphyry is approx. 95%, and approx. 60% for Grauwacke. For this project in Eindhoven, chief constructor Dura Vermeer aerated the Tree granules Porphyry. This material is not only strong and nutritious, it is also sustainable. This is because the stones are recycled stones and available in The Netherlands. With a pore volume of at least 25%, the granules can take in water at 330mm/min, which makes at an good soil for growing trees.

Specification service

In cooperation with clients, municipalities, architects and contractors, we try to organise our land to the best of our abilities. This can be a challenge, especially in urban environments. It is often impossible to change the soil the way we would like, because it might cause problems with the compactness of the soil and the weight it can carry. To make sure the right products are used in the right places and in the correct way, we offer a specification service. We support our clients and can advise them from the earliest stages of a project. For example, we can provide texts that specify the parameters of reliable materials.

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