Roundabout junction N525 – Beatrixweg of Lithoijen


Roundabout junction N525 – Beatrixweg of Lithoijen

A new roundabout is to be realised north of the N625, at the junction with the Beatrixweg of Lithoijen. Our client for this project is the Province of Noord-Brabant. Besides the new roundabout, the junction of the N625 with the Osseweg and Lutterstraat will be reconstructed and improved. It will be made safer for cyclists by constructing a traffic island that allows cyclists to cross the busy road more easily. The old crossing at the Lithoijense Dijk will be closed. New street lighting will also be installed. This too will make the junction safer.

Purpose of the project

The project will lead to a safer traffic situation by:

  • Reducing the speed of motorised traffic
  • Reducing the number of potentially dangerous situations
  • Creating clear traffic situations
  • Constructing safe crossings for cyclists

Construction works

The following construction works will be carried out:

  • Construction of a roundabout at the junction N625-Beatrixweg
  • Reconstruction of the junction N625-Lutterstraat/Osseweg
  • Closure of the crossing at the Lithoijense Dijk
  • Reconstruction of bicycle paths
  • Adjusting the road signs to the new situation
  • Adjusting the street lighting to the new situation
  • Renewing wires and pipes
  • Engineering the project