Bus stops

betonprint bushalte

Bus stops and bus stations are busy places, where a lot of traffic comes and goes. In both places there is accelerating and decelerating traffic, and especially at bus stations there is a lot of manoeuvring of heavy traffic as well.

Getting in and out of a bus must happen safely and easily. For passengers, accessibility of both the bus platform and the bus itself is of great importance. Drainage of rain water is also important.

Concrete meets all the demands of a busy bus stop or bus station. It is a stable surface that does not change shape, which guarantees driving comfort and consistent drainage. Moreover, concrete can be coloured, which can contribute to road safety by visually clarifying the local traffic situation.

Concrete surfaces at bus stops can be laid both manually and with a machine. There are several advantages to concrete surfaces:

  • Concrete surfaces can be constructed relatively fast and easily
  • Concrete does not require a lot of maintenance, which reduces long-term costs
  • The required rough texture of the surface can be easily realised in concrete
  • Concrete can be made impenetrable by liquid