Concrete Roads

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Concrete is used more and more during the construction of road surfaces. Concrete can endure prolonged and heavy traffic without losing any driving comfort. Deterioration caused by rutting or corrugation is minimal in concrete roads. Concrete is easy to maintain and is a recyclable and durable product.

Concrete is a particularly suitable surface for roundabouts. Turning and heavy traffic can damage the surface. This can be prevented by using concrete. A concrete surface is rigid and stable and can withstand the ravages of time and heavy traffic. Therefore, concrete is a durable solution.

Concrete has a long service-life and does not require much maintenance. Damage caused by the weather is almost non-existent. Concrete is also an environmentally friendly material. The growth of weeds is minimal, which means weed control is unnecessary. Den Ouden is capable of executing concrete construction with our own equipment. This way we can guarantee quality work and reduce cost.