Special purpose lanes

busbaan roermond

Special purpose lanes, such as bus lanes, taxi lanes and truck lanes,  have become increasingly common. The load of heavy traffic demands the right surface, that is resistant to rutting. Concrete is such a surface, which is also resistant to oil, grease, frost and de-icing salt. Concrete surfaces can be laid in many different colours and do not require a lot of maintenance.

Depending on specific requirements, special purpose lanes can be constructed with:

  • Plain (doweled) concrete
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Fibre reinforced concrete

Some advantages of constructing special purpose lanes with concrete are:

  • Low maintenance costs
  • The surface is even yet non-slippery
  • It can be constructed both manually and with machines
  • It can be constructed next to existing or new asphalt surfaces

To improve the flow of traffic on motorways, more and more lanes are created especially for trucks.