Stamped concrete


The design of exterior space has to meet ever higher demands. Not only the quality, appeal and safety of the exterior, but also the way it is experienced is important. Stamped concrete satisfies all these demands.

Stamped concrete decorates and improves smooth surfaces with patterns, that give it a pleasant appearance. Adding colour to the concrete can also improve its functionality. For example, stamped concrete is a suitable surface for the inner band of roundabouts or traffic islands. Moreover, stamped concrete can look like a brick road, but it prevents the growth of weeds. This is beneficial for both the traffic flow and the communal budget for maintenance. This is one of the reasons why the popularity of stamped concrete is increasing. A protective coating can be applied after the concrete has set, which will preserve its appearance for many years to come.

Stamped concrete in different patterns and colours

A wide variety of patterns and colours is available. Whether it is used as a heavy duty lane or a good-looking traffic island, stamped concrete can be anything you want. Potentially unavoidable joints within the stamped concrete, or joints around it, can be filled. This will prevent the growth of weeds in the joints.