Surfaces for business premises


Surfaces for business premises are often intensively used. Firstly, there is the weight of vehicles with high axle loads that also need to turn and manoeuvre on the premises. Secondly, the premises can be used for the storage of materials and vehicles, which results in high (and prolonged) point loads.

A concrete surface is capable of carrying these heavy, prolonged loads. The low maintenance costs make sure the business premises can be used constantly and continuously, which will also benefit the business.

Advantages of concrete surfaces are:

  • The concrete surface will keep its intended shape
  • It is possible to make the surface impenetrable to liquids
  • No or minimal damage caused by oil, grease or acid
  • A concrete surface can cover any shape or area
  • Concrete is a good surface to drive on, for example with forklifts
  • When large areas need to be covered, constructing concrete surface with machines becomes very attractive, both from a quality perspective as well as price-wise.

Different kinds of concrete can be used, such as plain concrete, reinforced concrete and fibre reinforced concrete.

Concrete surfacing of business premises has been used successfully on different locations:

  • Inside and around storage units and industrial halls
  • Container terminals
  • Loading and unloading sites at distribution centres
  • Airport aprons
  • Silo’s for the storage of bulk cargo
  • Silage pit floors
  • Farmyard surfacing