Verge concrete


In The Netherlands, almost all motorways are used intensively. Every municipality is familiar with the problem of secondary roads being too narrow and vehicles passing each other, making use of verges. Because of this, potholes and puddles emerge along the roads, in addition to holes and cracks in the paving edges. This causes extremely dangerous situations and an awful lot of extra maintenance.

By means of applying concrete pavement, we can solve these problems that occur in the verge. Concrete is quite suitable to protect the edges of a tarmac road. It locks up the tarmac layer, so its edges can no longer get damaged.

Choosing certain types of ‘verge concrete’, rainwater can be drained. The top side of the verge concrete can be profiled, giving road users a warning that they should stay within their lane. The verge concrete has a long lifespan and reduces maintenance work on the roads.

The verge concrete construction can be adjusted to any situation.