Soil Remediation

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Soil Remediation

A core activity of Den Ouden Contracting Firm is soil remediation, which includes soil research and other activities, such as demolition. Soil remediation is a process where pollution and contaminants are removed from the soil. Before soil remediation can take place, soil research is a requirement.

Den Ouden Contracting Firm is experienced in carrying out both soil research and soil remediation.

Clients often consider soil remediation to be a financial risk. We can combine specific and complex activities into one project, which means the work can be done efficiently, cost-effectively and at a competitive price.

Besides infrastructural projects and UXO detection, we also offer:

  • Tank site and soil remediation
  • Ground water remediation and monitoring
  • Removal of contaminated soil
  • Environmental guidance and advice
  • Obtaining the relevant permits

We have demonstrated to be a good partner where soil remediation is concerned. We have the most up-to-date machinery at our disposal, as well as flexible and skilled employees.