The third generation

rob den ouden
jurgen den ouden
harm den ouden

The third generation consists of the following eight persons: 

‘I have been working in the family business since March 1992. At the moment I am a working Team Leader on the shovel/crane at a Groenrecycling location. I am also part of the innovation team and help with analysing and developing final products from the DEN OUDEN GROENRECYCLING. I have been doing this with lots of passion, dedication, and pleasure for 25 years. I am also very proud of the family business. It’s one big family with a strongly driven, pleasant, and healthy culture where we work on beautiful projects with a good heart on a daily basis. At DEN OUDEN GROEP, the customer comes first. We are service-oriented and a deal is a deal. We are very flexible and always think toward a suitable solution. We work on innovative products and projects and try to stay one step ahead as a company for now and for the future.’
Dhr. M.A.G. (Marcel) den Ouden
(date of birth 05-07-1974)

‘I have been working in the family business since April 1999 and I am the commercial director at the moment. I am also responsible for the sale of organic Fertilizers which we produce ourselves in our factory at FERM O FEED in Helmond. When I see the spirit and ambition of the people working for us, it makes me very proud. It is often because our people take that extra step or show that extra effort that we can make the difference in a sometimes difficult market. I also find it wonderful to see how users of our organic Fertilizers on the other side of the world are happy with the product we make and get great results with them. In addition, as DEN OUDEN GROEP, we want to keep thinking about the development of sustainable solutions for the future, to make and keep our world liveable for the next generations.’
Dhr. R.M.H.F. (Rob) den Ouden
(date of birth 31-10-1975)

‘In January 2010, I started working in our family business as a project leader for Design & Construct and I am currently responsible for Marketing & Communication. I consider it a very nice challenge to position the various business components in the market professionally and representatively. For instance, we annually participate in approximately 15 (inter)national trade fairs and spend a lot of attention to the appearance of our equipment and the location. I am very proud that I can now pour my dedication and creativity into our family business, and I hope that you, as a (potential) customer, also feel the passion of this beautiful Brabant family business, so that you can grow with us.’
Dhr. J.W.M. (Jurgen) den Ouden
(date of birth 10-07-1976)


‘I have been working in our family business since 1994 and I was named after the founder of our company, Grandpa Tein. I am currently mainly working at our location ‘De Peel’ in Helmond. It is a versatile location where FERM O FEED, DEN OUDEN ROC, and Groenrecycling are located. I work for Groenrecycling there and we also process bark and waste wood here. We also produce our roof garden substrates here. My grandpa started in 1948 and at a certain moment, my father and his brothers took over. Many things changed, the company grew quickly. All of us are proud of that! Now it is our turn, the third generation. We will do everything in our power to keep developing our company, so that it can continue to grow in a healthy way.’
Dhr. M.H.E.M.(Tijn) den Ouden
(date of birth 01-07-1977)

‘I have been working in our family business since 2004 and my current position is Operational Director.
This position reflects all my activities and I am ultimately responsible for all operational matters that are present within our fantastic family business. I am proud to be working within our company and I am also proud of the involvement of all family members, our employees, and our
permanent partners – it feels like one big team effort! We are entrepreneurs in heart and soul and we have the right solution for any issue!’
H.W.A.M. (Harm) den Ouden
(date of birth 22-07-1979)


‘I have been working in our family business since April 2001and my job is all-round employee.
I substitute at DEN OUDEN GROENRECYCLING and transport. The great thing about a family business is working together with your cousins in a growing and broad business. Always strive for the best for your customers and the company, and work with pleasure.’
W.W.M.M. (William) den Ouden
(date of birth 10-04-1980)




‘In the winter of 2014, I started working in our family business as a salesperson for biomass products and grew into the Sales Manager of DEN OUDEN GROENRECYCLING. Since a few months ago, another new chapter has started for me, BODAC, where I have become the operational director. I also have the task of achieving more synergy and process optimisations within the entire business unit. A fun and challenging job where I can further develop myself. This has led me to get to know a lot of employees in recent years, where I especially notice that everyone works for our company with genuine passion and experience. It is beautiful to see this, and it makes me and the rest of the family very proud. Together, we work on the progress and prosperity of our company, in order to eventually pass it on to the fourth generation.’
J.A.P.F.M. (Jeroen) den Ouden
(date of birth 08-01-1987)

‘I have been working in the family business since August 2016. I am working for FERM O FEED as a sales support/back-office employee. I am proud of the company, it is special how it grew into what it is today. My grandpa started with something small and eventually, my father and his brothers built on that. The great thing about this family business is that the various business units all share the same goal, namely ensuring a greener and better liveable environment together. Nature and the soil are central to this. We work on this together full of passion and pleasure every day.’
P.P.J. (Paul) den Ouden
(date of birth 12-06-1988)